These terms and conditions (or K-ZONE Terms for short) apply to Your (‘Your’ or ‘You’) use of or access to K-ZONE (as defined below), including any K-ZONE Material (as defined below) or any other good or service provided to or used by You in connection with K-ZONE. The K-ZONE Terms also include rules about how You can and cannot behave on K-ZONE (which we will call the Rules).

Before using or accessing K-ZONE You must read the K-ZONE Terms and You must comply with them at all times while using K-ZONE.

If You do not agree or do not want to comply with the K-ZONE Terms You cannot and should not use K-ZONE.

We reserve the right to amend the K-ZONE Terms at any time. Any changes will be published on K-ZONE. Since You are bound by the K-ZONE Terms, You should periodically refer to K-ZONE to see if there have been any changes.

If You don’t understand any of the terms please review them with Your parents or guardian or contact us using the details below.

About K-Zone –all games, activities and any other material offered at that web address, including the K-ZONE Material (as defined below) and all related activities, goods, services, merchandise and other material, including Submitted Material (as defined below) (or K-ZONE for short) is an online service operated by nextmedia Pty Ltd (‘We’ or ‘Us’ for short).

Membership - certain services, information and materials provided on K-ZONE may be accessed and used by You without requiring membership of K-ZONE. Access to and use of other materials may require membership.  The K-ZONE Terms apply equally to Your use and access of publicly available material and material only available to members. 

Contact us if You have any questions - If You have questions about the K-ZONE Terms, want to make a complaint or become aware of any misuse of K-ZONE by any person, please contact us using the following email address

Age – You must be 16 years or under to use K-ZONE. From time to time we might ask members of K-ZONE to confirm that they are 16 years or under and whether your parent or guardian has consented to Your use of K-ZONE – You must provide reasonable and sufficient information to satisfy our request. If We are not satisfied we reserve the right to block Your access to and use of K-ZONE or cancel your membership.

Rules - You must follow the following Rules when using K-ZONE -

Don’t cheat – it's wrong and You know it. This includes attempting to get around K-ZONE’s security or attempting to cheat the system, use other peoples membership details or passwords, codewords or attempting to fraudulently gain access to or use K-ZONE, other peoples K-ZONE member details.
Treat other players as You’d like to be treated – with respect. So, no bullying, intimidating, offensive or rude behaviour, no putting anything on K-ZONE that is illegal or might be considered a breach of privacy (including a breach of our Privacy Policy which is referred to below), defamatory, obscene, abusive or otherwise inappropriate or offensive.

Keep Your personal and private information to Yourself. This includes Your real name or any other player’s real name or any other information which might allow someone to determine who You or another player is. This means that, if you become a member, your member name should not be Your real name. However, apart from not including Your name, You can’t pretend to be someone You are not on K-ZONE. From time to time You may be asked to provide us with Your real name, age or other identifying or contact details eg. for competitions. You agree to provide this information to us and We agree to treat it in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You must not attempt to ascertain anyone else’s real name, their membership details or their other personal information on K-ZONE.

We cannot and do not ensure that all users of K-ZONE comply with these Rules or any other part of the K-ZONE Terms at all times, although we are free to monitor anything that is done or happens on K-ZONE.

If we believe You have broken the Rules or any of the other part of the K-ZONE Terms or have broken the law, behaved in an inappropriate or offensive manner or cheated, We can block Your access to Z-KONE and terminate Your membership – see more on this below.

Usernames, Passwords and Codewords – When using K-ZONE You should not pretend to be someone you are not or use a real person’s name, especially someone famous, or any other name that might be deceptive, obscene or offensive. We may refuse to allow You to use a username We consider inappropriate, including because in our view it is offensive, obscene, defamatory or abusive, infringes intellectual property infringement or is misleading or deceptive.

If You become a member or sign up for our newsletter We may give You a password or other membership details. It is up to You to make sure these details are kept confidential and not provided to any other person. You are responsible for anything done on K-ZONE using Your details. If You become aware of any unauthorised use of Your details You must tell us as soon as possible after You find out. You may not licence, transfer, assign or sell Your details – if You attempt to do this We can block Your access to K-ZONE and terminate Your membership – see more on this below.

Membership details, passwords or codewords cannot be published or shared on any public forum including, but not limited to blogs, chat rooms, forums or newspapers without prior written permission from Us.

K-ZONE Material – any material or information on K-ZONE, including all text, graphics, software and advertisements on K-ZONE (K-ZONE Material) are protected by Australian and international intellectual property laws.

You acknowledge that You may only use the K-ZONE Material on K-ZONE for Your own personal non-commercial use. Your use is subject to the K-ZONE Terms, any other terms and conditions as may apply from time to time including, if you are a member, the Membership Terms, and any directions we give You from time to time. You cannot use the K-ZONE Material in any other way without our permission. You must keep all K-ZONE Content in the same form it is presented on K-ZONE (including without limitation all copyright, trade mark and other proprietary notices and all advertisements). If You are not sure what You can and can’t do with the K-ZONE Material, ask us before You use it.

Links to other people’s sites – Sometimes We will include links on K-ZONE to other people’s web sites. These are provided solely for Your information or because We think they may be of interest to You and for no other reason. We are not responsible for, and do not endorse, control or sponsor those web sites or any activities undertaken or goods and services provided on or through those web sites. This means You will need to review each such web site, including reviewing their terms and conditions and other policies, before using their site or providing them with any information about Your self. Make sure you get Your parents/guardians permission before visiting new websites you see linked on

Information about You – When using K-ZONE You should keep Your personal information to Your self. However, as part of using the site, We may need or want to obtain some personal information about You. We will use this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You should read the Privacy Policy as it forms part of the K-ZONE Terms. We may change the Privacy Policy from time to time so it is a good idea to check it regularly.

If You do not agree with the Privacy Policy You should not accept the K-ZONE Terms or use or access K-ZONE.

Submitted Material – Please don’t send us information or material We do not ask for. Any such material You provide may be retained or destroyed by us and You might never get it back.

Sometimes we might ask for pictures to be sent to K-ZONE. All material sent to K-ZONE, whether solicited or not (Submitted Material) will not be returned and no payment will be provided to You for any Submitted Material or any use we make of any Submitted Material. Unless otherwise agreed before You send the material, we may use the Submitted Material on K-ZONE and for any purposes connected with K-ZONE including selling Submitted Material in all media worldwide in perpetuity. You should not submit any material which is not Your own work. We do not accept or assume responsibility for any Submitted Material.

Disclaimers – You use K-ZONE and the Products at Your own risk and You cannot rely upon K-ZONE, or the K-ZONE Material or the Products, including for any particular purpose (not communicated to You in writing). We provide K-ZONE and the Products on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis and, regardless of any other statements in these K-ZONE Terms, we make no representations in relation to K-ZONE, the Products, Your use of or access to, or inability to use or access, K-ZONE, the Products or any K-ZONE Material, that K-ZONE or the K-ZONE Material will be error free or free of viruses or harmful components, will work with all hardware of software or that the K-Zone Material is accurate, complete or reliable or about the fitness for purpose of the Products. We expressly disclaim and exclude any common law duty of care.

You should make and rely on Your own enquires before accepting the K-ZONE Terms.

Limitations of Liability – we are not liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by You in using or accessing K-ZONE or using any Product or arising from anyone’s failure to comply with these Rules or any part of the K-ZONE Terms.

Ongoing use of K-ZONE – We can block Your access to or use of K-ZONE or cancel Your membership at any time without notice. We can do this for any reason, including if You breach the K-ZONE Terms our Privacy Policy, infringe the rights of any person or if We decide to discontinue K-ZONE or any product or service offered in connection with K-ZONE. For more information on membership see the Membership Terms

Blocking Your access to or use of K-ZONE or cancelling Your membership does not limit or otherwise affect any right we have, including in relation to any Submitted Material.

Trade mark notice – K-ZONE is a trade mark of nextmedia Pty Ltd. The K-ZONE trade mark may not be used without our prior written consent.