Page 37 – Sports Rule!


  1. Test cricket – Teams get two innings each.
  2. Rugby League – Only twelve players per team are allowed on the field at any one time.
  3. Soccer – A penalty kick is awarded if a defending team commits a foul in its own penalty area.
  4. Big Bash League – If teams are tied at the end of the game, an extra over is played (super over) to determine a winner.
  5. Futsal – Players can score from anywhere in the play area; ‘offside’ does not apply.
  6. Aussie rules – Six points are awarded if the ball is kicked over the goal line and without being touched by another player.
  7. Oztag – The ball cannot be kicked higher than the referee’s shoulders.


Page 84 – Clarathon

KZ0617_084 solution


Page 85 ­– Grumpy Cat Gameshow

This cat is obsessed with boxes. = MARU
This cat is always surprised. = BANYE
This cat has two faces. = VENUS
This cat farts rainbows. True fact. = NYAN
This blind cat enjoys hiking with her human. = HONEY BEE
This white cat is HEAPS sleepy. And happy. = SHIRONEKO
This little cat will stay kitten-sized forever. = LIL BUB


PAGE 86 – Sick Scramble


  1. Blue Spew Cheese
  2. Flat Battery
  3. Grub Sub
  4. Sewer Glove
  5. Squished Banana
  6. Scary Floss
  7. Weevil Cereal


PAGE 87 – Mazecraft