Yo K-Zoners!

Not sure if you’ve heard but Activision just announced a brand new Skylander called Air Strike!

Element: Air
Released with: Skylanders Imaginators
Series: Sensei
Battle Class: Brawler

What else do we know about him? Before he started training Brawlers, Air Strike trained birds – especially the very rare Blue Zephyr Falcons. They were once one of Skylands’ most endangered species, but Air Strike taught them how to defend themselves from predators… and not fly into windows.  LOL! 

But even with their new defensive skills, the Falcons continued to be hunted by a band of evil trolls, who liked to use their eggs in blue-bacon omelets…  

So Air Strike decided to strike back! He travelled to the peak of the Zephyr Mountain and single-handedly took down the trolls and rescued the stolen eggs. After returning them to their mother, one of the eggs hatched, revealing a super energetic Falcon that would not leave his side. Air Strike named him Birdie, and now they use their skills to train Skylanders, despite Master Eon’s crippling fear of falcons.

Wanna check out Air Strike in action? You’re in luck!

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