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What is more annoying?

What is more annoying?

What is more annoying?
What is more annoying?
Never-ending hiccups
Never-ending sneezing
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Jacob P
that's so annoying >:.(
15/9/2019 7:43:09 PM
Max S
Kzone is koolzone
15/9/2019 10:29:56 AM
I love k-zone and thanks for my awesome reward
12/9/2019 7:49:33 PM
Felix B
I am aways constantly sneezing and for like 20 times. You get used to it!
2/9/2019 5:26:22 PM
Caleb L
2/9/2019 5:04:41 PM
Ashlyn A
Coughing that never stops is the worst, I’ve hade a cough for 7 whole months now. ):
1/9/2019 1:27:02 PM
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