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I love your mags K-zone - Zeke C Hey guys I wish I could win the grit scooter I have just signed I Up and I would love to win it- Krystal - Krystal H I will love it - Dominic R Hi kzone i like scooter - Blake H I LOVE KZONE ITS THE BEST THING TO READ - Gabatron hi k-zone love your mag! - Jordan R I love you k-zone I love reading 📖 your magazines - Tayo D the nintendo looks sooooo cool i hope i win it - fisher M Kzone are as cool as thanos - James S K-Zone is AWESOME... :-) - Etienne G


Nat W
WHAT Thor should win!!!!! HE IS A GOD WHICH MEANS HE DOESNT DIE!!!!! :O
5/16/2019 7:20:49 PM
Are you going to play Pokémon Sun and Moon?
Oh yeah!