The Aussie scooter legend lends his advice to K-Zoners


Image: Andrew Pentek

KZ: Yo Ben! We gotta know, what made you want to ride the scooter over say, a bike or a skateboard?

B: I first purchased a scooter when I was 12 for transport to ride to primary school with my mates. Then it turned out very different in the years to come. Now I’m sponsored by Grit Scooters.

KZ: So cool! Did you ever think one day you would have your own signature scooter or be number two in the world?

B: I never would have imagined all the things that have happened, to happen, that's for sure. It’s amazing to say the least. It goes to show you true hard work really does pay off.

KZ: What is your fave trick and why?

B: My favourite trick without a doubt would be the Legwrap. It's just such a cool feeling trick, and it's different to everyone else’s.

KZ: Where do you find inspiration for coming up with new tricks?

B: I just mess around a little bit, try to create new tricks and bring different things to the table by experimenting.

KZ: What are some ways you go about learning a difficult trick?

B: Practice that's for sure. Repetition is the way. You must use dedication to learn tricks. It's not going to come easy, nothing ever does. You must keep at it and persevere. 

KZ: What advice would you give K-Zoners who want to get better at riding a scooter?

B:  Having fun is the main one, and as I said before practice. Keep enjoying it and make the most of it. You get what you put in. Be consistent with your efforts. If you practise enough your skills will increase. 

KZ: The local skate park can be an intimidating place for first-timers; what’s your advice for noobs? 

B: Be polite and courteous. If people see that you are being fair, more than likely they will return that to you. Always keep your head on a swivel, make sure you are using the park correctly, including following the rules, and watch where other people are going. 

KZ: What do you like most about your Grit signature scooter?

B: I helped design my signature scooter with the team at Grit Scooters. My favourite part would definitely have to be the battle bars. They are a super different design but I really like them. They feel good to ride with and stand out from the rest. Also, the deck is nice. It’s got my signature graphic on it, which means a lot to me, and it means a lot to me to share it with other people.

KZ: What are some tips for scooter maintenance?

B: Regularly check your scooter is in good working order. Check handlebar grips don’t swivel and are covered with grips or end caps and the brake works. Keep some Allen Keys on you at all times – you never know when you might need to quickly tighten up, especially the T-Bar clamp. Keeping bolts tight and bearings smooth on your scooter is crucial for the longevity of your scooter. If everything is tight and running smoothly, there are less parts moving around causing problems. Also, check your helmet is secure and you’re wearing appropriate protective pads.

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