Andy Griffiths is da man. His books with his best bud Terry Denton rule, so when K-Zone sat down to chat with him, we got you guys to ask the questions…

Book: The 13 Storey Treehouse by Andy GriffithsK-Zoner, Mia: How long did it take to write The 13-Storey Treehouse
Andy G: “It took about two and a half years.”  

K-Zoner, Gil: Why do the treehouses go up by 13 levels? 
Andy G: “That just kinda happened. I asked Terry to draw a really cool tree house with a bowling alley and a tank full of man-eating sharks, and he came back with 13 levels. 13’s a pretty cool number.”



K-Zoner, Giulia:
Did you make up all the stories in The Bad Books or are some of them true?
Andy G: “They’re mostly made up. I think? Oops.”  

K-Zoner, Hugo: Have you always told stories? 
Andy G: “Yep. I used to tell my friends made-up stories about things that I’d done, like fighting a shark in the bath or jumping off the roof and flying around.”

K-Zoner, Jake: What was it like to see The 13-Storey Treehouse as a play at the Sydney Opera House? 
Andy G: “It’s really amazing. Fantastic!”

K-Zoner, Leo: Did you have any life-changing moments after the books became famous? 
Andy G:“Ha ha ha. No. I didn’t go and buy any sports cars or anything dramatic like that.”

K-Zoner, Harry:
If you had a 2D/3D converter, what would you put it in?
Andy G: “Probably a book, cause writing a book is pretty magical.”

K-Zoner, Will: 
How did you choose your illustrator? Did Terry have to try out?
Andy G: “We were set up by the publishers on my first book 20 years ago. They thought it’d be a whacky match cause of our sense of humour.” [AKA: team Andy and Terry are hilair!]

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