So, picture the scene. It's the school hols, you've just scored Pokemon X and now you've got nothing but awesome times ahead. Until... your 'rents ban your 3DS and tell you to pick up a book.

Seriously?! Don't stress, K-Zone'll help. Follow our guide for the best reads of 2013.


  1. Skulduggery Pleasant Last Stand of Dead Men - Derek Landy

    Okay this is a thick book. Picking it up is like weight-lifting! Don't freak though, once you get started you serioulsy won't be able to put it down. The Sanctuaries are at war, alliances are worthless and there's a huge conspiracy that's been brewing for years. Skulduggery and Valkyrie have to sort the sitch... as long as they can stop Valkyrie's dark side from burning the world and everything in it. This could actually take over your whole summer holidays.

  2. Weirdo - Ahn Do

    If you're looking for LOLs, grab this book. It's got an awesome hologram cover (already worth it!) and it follows Weir, an awesome dude who's surname just happens to be Do. Yep: Weir. Do. Unlucky! Weir just cannot catch a break, like being made to wear his sister's shoes on the first day of school, having a dad who farts in public (and not in the funny way) and never being able to eat a hamburger without it falling apart. The pics in this book are even funnier than the stories too (check out the dad-farting page). 

  3. How Do You Burp in Space? - Susan E. Goodman

    This is the book for anyone who needs space tourist tips (like all of us, cos we'll totally live on Mars one day). Get the lowdown on gravity, what to pack, when to go and zero-gravity surgery. Find out why burping in space is the WORST idea ever, and what happened to the first dudes who did it. This is the book for K-Zoners who are going to be astronauts. It's essential space reading!

  4. Skylanders Swap Force: Player's Launch Guide

    The biggest news in gaming since LEGO Star Wars is Skylanders Swap Force without a doubt. Landing on our desks the day before? The Skylanders Swap Force Player's Launch Guide! This mag is choccas with game tips, behind-the-scenes secrets and new character reveals. Get an insider's look at Skylands from the producers of the game themselves. Call yourself a Skylanders fan? You've gotta get this guide.

  5. Star Wars Annual 2014 (Official)

    We scored a preview copy of this winner - yet another K-ZHQ bonus! It's full of puzzles, quizzes, stats and other insider info about Star Wars - enough to keep you entertained for the whole of 2014! Did you know that Mace Windu is 188cm tall? That's over six feet! He's got nothing on Chewy though - that dude is 229cm (over seven and a half feet) tall!