The 13-Storey Treehouse
Andy Griffiths

The pad that dreams are made of... is it a 13-storey mansion or a tricked up treehouse? For Andy and Terry, it’s both!

From the see-through swimming pool to the library full of comics and the self-making beds, every room is described in wacky detail, with even wackier pics.

The only thing missing is deets on how to bash together your own!

Have you read The 13-Storey Treehouse yet? It's epic. Andy Griffiths wrote it and Terry Denton did the pics, and K-Zoners everywhere wanted to get their hands on a copy for the guaranteed LOLs inside!

It was so good, that the peeps at the Sydney Opera House (yep, the kinda, sorta famous building) are showing The 13-Storey Treehouse: The PLAY! There's sweet 3D machines, late homework and LOLs - mainly cos Andy and Terry haven't written the play yet, they're making it up as they go!

When: December 29, 2013 to January 25, 2014 (yep, the summer hols)

Where: The Sydney Opera House Playhouse

Tickets: Check out