These faves might be oldies, but they’re defo goodies. Check out the greatest of all time reads…

1. The Harry Potter seriesBest books for kids: Harry Potter series
J.K. Rowling

What’s not to get hyped about when we’re talkin seven years of Harry, Hermione and Ron, and the mad magic that went down at Hogwarts? The adventures, the bad guys and all the cool tricks they learnt every year are epic. Plus, the blitzin’ quidditch games have gotta go down in history as one of the best sports comps evz!

Best books for kids: Diary of a Wimpy Kid series2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid books

Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley’s gotta be one of the unluckiest kids to ever be written about. Anywhere. Ever. Between his totes unsuccessful attempts at small business, to his endless lack of responsibility, Greg isn’t a dude to look up to, but man is he funny. The best bit about these cool books? There’s always a new one just around the corner…





3. K-Zone magBest books for kids: K-Zone magazine!
The K-Zone Team

OK, we know it’s not technically a book, but as if we could have a greatest of all time page in the mag and not be in it. K-Zone is such a rad read and we know how much you guys dig all the stories, jokes, shames and games reviews month in and month out so we, you know, put it in. For you. Honest.





4. Zac Power seriesBest books for kids: Zac Power series
H.I. Larry

Zac Power, spy extraordinaire, has been saving the world from the evil masterminds of BIG for yonks. Not only does Zac get to try the latest and greatest inventions in spy gear, he also gets to travel around the world and scoot down secret passageways all in a day’s work. We can’t decide if we rate the Test Drive books or Spy Camp series better?!? They’re all soooo insane!