Hey K-Zoners

Super Intern in da house! (Sorry, it's Friday, I'm heaps excited.)

I just got my hands on a copy of The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (which is the first in the series) by L Pichon. I know I'm heaps late to the Tom Gates party, but these books are hilarious!

If you reckon your family is weird and embarrassing, you've got nothing on this guy. His granny makes pink pancakes that looks like liver (gross), his sister Delia calls him "Diddums", and his dad always wants to sit him down for a 'little chat' about 'working harder at school' blah blah blah. To make matters worse, there's a guy at school called Marcus whose fave thing to do is torture Tom.

Weirdly enough, all that stuff makes this one of the funniest books I've read all year! It's kinda like the Diary of A Wimpy Kid books (there's heaps of cool scribbled pics inside) and you always want Tom to win.

Grab this book - your folks will be stoked you're reading and you'll be lolling yourself within a page.


K-Z Super Intern