Hey Arinkulet

Awesome suggestion!

K-Zoners, The Last Dragon Home book is totally Christmas list-worthy.


The main character is Mollie (someone who would totally be a K-Zoner IRL) who discovers in one day that:

  1. She can talk to animals silently with her mind
  2. Unicorns are real
  3. Dragons are real

She meets Whitestaff, the dragon, at a carnival showground and immediately they hit it off. Whitestaff is caged and sick - and Mollie kinda feels trapped a lot of the time too.

Pretty quickly Mollie realises that she's going to try to help Whitestaff, and Whitestaff knows there's something awesome and different about Mollie.

This is the book for How to Train Your Dragon fans, or anyone that likes fantasy epics like the Lord of the Rings, Thor and Walking with Dinosaurs.

Check it out!


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