Yep, stuff got weird when we interviewed Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2’s Anna Faris AKA Sam Sparks. 

She told us all about her dead bug collection!

KZ: When you first met your husband Chris Pratt, you both had a dead bug collection? Who had the best dead bug?
Anna: I did, for sure. We’ve actually gotten some ones that are much more stunning than either of us used to have.

KZ: Are there rules to collecting bugs? Do you have to collect them yourselves or is there a dead bug store?
Anna: Otherwise, it would only be fruit flies. I have fruit fly infestations - a collection of dead fruit flies isn’t maybe all that interesting.

KZ: What’s your fave dead bug?
Anna: I have a huge, beautiful Walking Stick – they’re all so beautiful - they’re all framed. I also have a Walking Leaf that is stunning. It looks exactly like a beautiful green leaf and then you look closer - and it’s just fascinating. I’m told they’re all collected humanely, so hopefully that’s true.


Anna Faris from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

KZ: What was your best dead bug before you met your future husband?
Anna: I had this gorgeous moth from Madagascar, which has these beautiful tapered wings. It was weirdly romantic. I felt like we had such an instant connection anyway for a number of reasons. What a guy!

KZ: What was his prize dead bug?
Anna: he had more group collections, which were really beautiful, like butterflies. You know what’s weird? I try to avoid the butterflies because they’re a bit of a cliché! But he had a lot of scarabs and really cool beetles, so we’re just gonna collect more.

KZ: How much can you pay for a dead bug?
Anna: They get pricey. The rare ones are quite expensive and I’ve seen some that are $900 or $1,000. I don’t have any of those but maybe one day? Cloudy 3!

Do you exchange dead bugs on birthdays or Christmas?

Anna: yes, we have. And we also get them as gifts because people know that we’re into it.

Hahahahaha! How random was that? Cloudy 2 is in cinemas now!