December 31, 2013

The new Disney movie Frozen will have you reaching for a blanket, sure, but here are 6 reasons you should totes brave the chill and watch it…

Frozen fact 1
Olaf, the snow dude (the guy frolicking in the pic at the top of this article), is the best sidekick since Finn met Jake.

Frozen fact 2Sven the reindeer from 'Frozen'!
There’s a kingdom to save, which means adventures and bad guys and epic chases. 

Frozen fact 3
The hero helper guy, Kristoff, has a reindeer. Called Sven. He doesn’t talk but he is hilair.

Frozen fact 4
The bros (and girls – Anna and Elsa – who can totes take care of themselves) work together to get summer back. And stay warm.

Frozen fact 5
There are some pretty cool songs belting out, so you can get your 1D on. Just sayin.

Frozen is out in cinemas now!