Ancient Greek mythology is pretty epic. Before Superman, Batman and all of the Avengers, there were Greek Gods - dudes with huge powers and even bigger tempers. Check out K-Zone's cheat-sheet to the gods!


Percy Jackson's dad and Zeus' bro, Poseidon is the official god of the sea. He is said to cause earthquakes, and legend has it that he unleashed a cray sea monster on the Greek city of Troy (when they didn't pay their debts), and Hercules had to swoop in and destroy it to save the city. Lesson: always pay this dude back.


Zeus is pretty much the top dog when it comes to Greek Gods. He's the king of them all (even though he's Poseidon's brother), and god of the sky. After saving a bunch of peeps (including his brothers and sisters from being eaten by their own dad!) he was given a lightning bolt and a thunderbolt too. Lesson: only eat food.


Zeus may be the king of the Greek Gods, but Apollo got all the sweet powers. He's god of sun, light, truth, healing, prophecy (seeing the future), music, and loads more. Is it any coincidence that Zeus is his dad? Apollo's craziest feat? Defeating a dragon when he was only four DAYS old. Lesson: be nice to your dad.


Athena is one of the smartest and gutsiest gods in mythology. She rules wisdom, bravery, justice, heroes... even maths! She likes to figure out how to fix tough situations without warfare, but if it has to be done, it has to be done - that's how she beat Poseidon to score the city of Athens. Lesson: pay attention in school.


Another son of Zeus, Hermes is the Greek God of pranks... and some other stuff. When he needs to be, Hermes is a good guy, but for the most part, he's looking for LOLs (even against his bro, Apollo). He's said to have invented fire too. Lesson: even legends need a laugh sometimes.