KZ: Hey Manny, how’s it hanging?

Manny: Trunk central thanks.

KZ: We’ve been talking to your wife Ellie and we hear that having a teenager isn’t exactly a picnic.

M: Let me tell you: there is nothing more stressful in life than watching your teenage daughter get ready for a night out.

KZ: She’s putting on make-up?

M: Oh yeah. Red stuff she gets from pressing berries. She pastes it all over her face. Next she’ll be asking for hair extensions. I’m telling you: kids, they grow up way too fast these days.

KZ: What does Peaches do on her nights out?

M: Oh God, don’t ask. Makes googly eyes at hunky mammoths. I’m trying to encourage her to learn astronomy so she can read the sky at night. That way she’ll always be able to find her way home, no matter what type of cataclysmic event takes place.

KZ: How’s that working out?

M: Not great. She’s more interested in hunky mammoths.

KZ: Anyone in particular?

M: Some pretty boy called Ethan, apparently (shudders). I’ve told her to stay away from him, but she won’t listen.

KZ: Does she listen to you?

M: She’ll listen to anyone but me. I try to issue ground rules. I try to reason with her. I try to be her best friend. None of it works. Thank God she listens to her mother sometimes.

KZ: What kind of ground rules?

M: Just the normal stuff. She has a curfew, so she has to be back when the tree frogs start croaking, and she’s not allowed to roam further than a kilometre from our house. It’s a specially marked out area. A ‘go’ zone. Beyond that it’s a no-go zone. There’s a clear perimeter.

KZ: Sounds a bit military.

M: You wait until you have a teenage daughter.

KZ: Is it true you sometimes send Crash and Eddie to spy on her?

M: Who me? No. I’d never do something like that. Crash and Eddie are her uncles. They see it as their duty to keep an eye on her… OK, yes, I send them to spy on her.

KZ: Do possums make good spies?

M: Definitely not. Peaches is totally on to them. Hahaha!

Ice Age 4 is in cinemas June 28 2012