Do you ever get the feeling there’s a monster under your bed? Don’t worry! They actually prefer the presidential suite at Hotel Transylvania.

Check out these other freaky facts about this new flick!

1. Hotel Transylvania is monster-ously funny! The main character, Dracula, is voiced by
 Adam Sandler, which had us LOLing in our seats for ages.

2. “We hope your stay at Hotel Transylvania is fang-tastic!” 
Hotel Transylvania caters for all monsters like Frankenstein, the mummy, skeletons and werewolves.

3. A favourite meal on the menu for monsters is 
devilled lizard eggs and worm cakes. No matter how much syrup you put on your worm cakes, you will always taste the worms.

4. We discovered that monsters are just as scared of us as we are of them. 
No humans are allowed at Hotel Transylvania.

5. Five dollars can get you blood-beaters, a bagel and 
scream cheese at Hotel Transylvania. Er, yum!

6. Don’t let the 
bedbugs bite! Hotel Transylvania is very luxurious with huge passageways, stone floors and velvet curtains. Just don’t go near the graveyard!

7. Forget doorbells! Hotel Transylvania uses 
shrunken talking heads instead, though they have big personalities.

8. The hotel doesn't offer room service... it has 
broom service.

9. Hotel Transylvania’s 
phone number is unlisted because they only take calls from the dead.

Catch the terrifyingly funny 
Hotel Transylvania trailer here!