Real myths or false facts, how good is your godly knowledge? Suss your knowledge of myths as well as Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters!

  1. Percy Jackson is the son of:
    A. Poseidon
  2. The Golden Fleece comes from:
    B. A Golden Ram
  3. Among other things Hermes is a:
    A. Messenger
  4. Cyclops have:
    C. One eye
  5. Annabeth Chase is the daughter of:
    B. Athena
  6. Satyrs are half human and half what?
    B. Goat
  7. Kronos is a:
    C. Titan
  8. How many major gods of the Greek Pantheon live on Mount Olympus?
    A. 12


How'd ya score?

Your mythbusting skills are merely mortal at this stage but with a little bit of study you could totally own this quiz.

Solid demi-god skills. You’ve got a healthy historical interest…a few weeks at Camp Half-Blood will get you right up there with the best.

God-like skills! You really know your mythology and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is going to rock your world!