On this very day, exactly one week ago in history, The X-Factor 2013 began.

The judges are cray cray awesome:

X-Factor Judges
Ronan Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Dannii Minogue & Redfoo

And the auditions have been epic! Here's K-Zone's X-Factor winner predictions:

  1. Jai Waetford. 

    Jai is 14, plays guitar, writes his own stuff and can totally win. 

    X-Factor Jai

  2. Kelebek. 

    Kelebek is one of the gutsiest contestants we've ever seen! She's got mad swag, and even asked Redfoo to dance with her!

    Redfoo Kelebek

  3. Straight Up

    Ever wanted to hear a rap-version of Jackson 5's Want You Back? Well that was Straight Up's audition. Epic.

    X-Factor Straight Up

  4. Georgina Mastin

    Reece's lil sister has totally got it in the bag if her bro's anything to go by!

    X-Factor Georgina