21st December, 2011

You voted, we counted. The verdict is in. Tricked-up toys ruled the shelves this year!

Get the deets on K-Zone's Toy of the Year 2011 top five!

1. Skylanders Video Game:
RRP $120.00 (approx.)

Skylanders video game

Got an Xbox when your all your friend have Wiis? Doesn't matter with this game! Because the figures have 'memory' you can play them on any console. Hi-fives!

2. NERF Vortex Nitron
RRP $84.99

Nerf Gun

You've never Nerfed like this before. The Vortex Nitron's acceleration trigger takes disc-pummelling to the X-TREME!

3. Razor Black Level Ultra Pro Lo
RRP $249.00

Razor Scooter

Tear up the pavement! With its super-tough, premium build, the Ultra Pro Lo is movin' into the garages of hard-core scooter-fiends everywhere.

4. LEGO Ninjago:
RRP $15.99

Lego Ninjago

Combining combat with cardplay, Ninjago is the hottest new way to battle! We dig the skilled-searching story behind it too.

5. Trash Pack Garbage Truck
RRP $24.99

Trash Pack

Does your pad look more garbage tip than bedroom? Time for operation Trash Pack. Complete with two trashie characters!