Sounds like a zombie flick about brains and stuff, but that’s the name of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary spesh! To celebrate its release on DVD we had an epic Doctor Who fan flip-out and obsessively researched/stalked a stack of facts about this historic ep!

  • Doctor Who was first televised on BBC One at 5:15pm on Saturday November 23rd, 1963, since then, the series has been watched by an estimated 80 million die-hard fans in 206 countries! Wowee!

  • This is a super special ep for all you Whovians because Matt Smith regenerates and you get to see a glimpse of a new Doctor… bum bum bum!

  • The word Tardis has made the Oxford English Dictionary!  Noun.  1. Time machine. 2. A building or container that is larger inside than it appears to be from outside. – Well they’re not wrong!

    Dr Who hangs from the Tardis (which is in the dictionary!)

  • Keep your eyes peeled for Matt Smith’s embarrassing yet hilarious moment with Clara’s family.

  • Before checking out the 50th anniversary spesh jump online and watch the incredible mini-episode The Night of the Doctor.

  • Keep an eye out for the time whilst watching this ep, especially when Clara drives past a clock on her bike, there’s a reference to the very first episode aired. Can you spot it?

    Dr Who and Clara on the motorbike!

  • What would a Doctor Who ep be without a message of hope and the future? Pretty sad we think but don’t worry Whovians this spesh doesn’t disappoint, it leaves us giddy with emotions of hope and excitement as we prepare for the Capaldis Era.

Dr Who fan and Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson
Lord of the Rings legend, Peter Jackson

Lord of the Rings
Director, Peter Jackson, is a well known Doctor Who fan, but we reckon you guys might be able to prove who’s the biggest Whovian of all by answering just a few of these questions.

Good luck! 


  1. Name the first 3 Doctors of the series.
  2. Where did the Doctor first discover Daleks?
  3. Who kidnapped River Song?

Comment and tell us your answers!