February 18, 2014


Looking for an awesome way to spend your Saturday morning? Check out Dog With A Blog, starting this month!

Yep, you read it right - it's about a dog who writes a blog!

Stan (the dog) can talk and type and he's weirdly funny. He narrates each episode with LOL-worthy comments. He can also sing... but the less said about that the better.

He does rock awesome "jazz paws" though:

Kids' TV News: Dog With A Blog. Stan's jazz paws! Photo: Getty Images

The main character is super-nerd Avery (her own mates called her a "tiny parent") and she's heaps funny too:

Kids' TV News: Dog With A Blog actor G Hannelius. Photo: Getty Images


Basically, it's a super funny new show that you should definitely check out on Saturday Disney, which is on Saturday, obvs.

We've got a man on the ground, too! Nathan, our intrepid Saturday Disney blogger got to go to LA and meet the cast.