Despicable Me: Minion Rush is epic fun, except for one downside - you've gotta pay for a lot of the game play, including some of the cheats. 

There are some sweet free cheats that unlock items though - try these banana bonuses!

  1. Banana Splitter - ten seconds of two-for-one bananas! You need: 150 bananas.
  2. Banana Vacuum - ten seconds of bananas coming to you. You need: 150 bananas.
  3. Gru's Rocket - six seconds of going heaps further than normal. You need: 150 bananas.

Game Ninja's Final Thoughts:

  • Remember you can change lanes mid-air. Handy for avoiding approaching collisions.

  • Wanna multiply your score? Consider nudging a few minions at the expense of a few bananas. Just jump in the closest lane to another minion to do it.