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Finding elusive emerald ore is tough, and finding actual emeralds is even harder (it's probably easier to just trade for 'em).
  • Emerald ore is found randomly in individual blocks in theExtreme Hills only, but take care mining the stuff as it's easy to fall.
  • Emeralds are found in desert and jungle temples - again totally randomly.
  • You can't make tools with emeralds.

Want to find diamonds? Check out K-Zone's Minecraft Diamond Guide.

Looking for gold ore?

  • Look for stone blocks - they're often found together.
  • Usually you'll find a bunch of gold ore blocks together (up to 16 in a row), but you've gotta go deep. It's super unlikely you'll find gold any shallower than the 32nd layer.
  • You need a minimum of an iron or diamond pickaxe to mine gold too - weirdly enough you can't use a gold pickaxe. 

Iron ore looks like gold ore, but it's heaps easier to find.

  • You'll need at least a stone, diamond or iron pickaxe to mine the stuff, so once you're armed with the right tools, start digging.
  • You shouldn't have too much trouble finding iron up to the 63rd layer - you'll probably be able to see it on the edges of most caves or near lava too.


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