Hey K-Zoners

Everyone is loving FIFA, even sick celebs like Usain Bolt, Snoop Lion and Socceroo Tim Cahill! Here's my tips for scoring on the FIFA field.

Don’t worry too much about Skill Moves – at least not yet. When defending, concentrate on things like jockeying and containing your opponents and that will stop fast attacking moves in their tracks. Jockeying can be done with the left trigger button and if you press both, you can jockey a player who is moving fast. It’s all about getting in the right position.

In attack, mix things up so no-one can predict how you play. Try things like low crosses (double tap X on 360 or Square on PS3), call a third kicker on free kicks (right bumper and right bumper plus shoot if you want them to take it) and flair shots (left trigger plus shoot).

If you really want to try a Skill Move, feints can be effective (flick the right stick left and right)!

Go get 'em! Who knows, you might get a higher score than Usain Bolt!


Game Ninja