The Mario Kart race tracks are riddled with sneaky shortcuts. With a bit of practice, you'll sweep up every race!

Tip: Save up your mushrooms - you'll need lots of them if you're going to become a short cut master!

Luigi Circuit
On the last turn, use a mushroom to cut through the dirt.
- Keep your speed going by drifting and performing a mini-turbo as you charge through the last patch of dirt.

Mushroom Gorge
- At the very start of the course, use a mushroom to head left.
- Jump onto a mushroom and hit the speed patch.
- Use another mushroom on the last turn to jump drift over the pit.

Toad's Factory
 - Once you're out of the factory, head right, before the speed bumps.
 - The second you hit the first speed bump, use a mushroom to jump over the pond.

Mario Circuit
- When you get to where the Chain Chomp is, use a mushroom to speed through the dirt.
- Drive onto the speed ramp and do an aerial trick, land and drift to the right so you don't hit the wall.

Coconut Mall
- After going up the first escalator, the will be a small opening to your right.
- Use a mushroom to go through the little store.
- Do an aerial trick on the bump to land.

Wario's Goldmine
- Drive on to the tracks where the mine karts are.
- Instead of leaving on the right, head left into a small cave.
- Hit the speed patch, and then the second speed patch, and then do an aerial trick.