In Minecraft (and totes in life too, LOL) diamonds are heaps valuable and really useful. They're the hardest natural material known to man (and Minecrafters) and can be pretty rare.

You need diamonds to get to 'The End', too, so start payin' attention!

To collect diamonds, you need an Iron or a Diamond Pickaxe.

To create an Iron Pickaxe, you need:

  • Two sticks
  • Three iron ingots

To create a Diamond Pickaxe, you need:

  • Two sticks
  • Three diamonds

Diamond ore
 is found between layers 1-16, but most of 'em are on layer 12, so get digging! Careful to watch for loads of lava between levels 4-10. Prob the easiest and most fun way to find those sparkly suckers is to explore Caves

Sometimes you'll strike it lucky by finding a chest of diamonds in old abandoned mine shafts.

Keep ya eyes peeled!


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