Okay, so first things first - have you followed our Top 5 Minecraft Starter Tips? This is a list of the stuff you've gotta do on your first day so you make it through your first night!

After dark, the mobs come out (and there are loads of mob types, like Witches, Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts etc) and if they're hostile, you don't wanna meet 'em. Mobs will know you're there from 16 blocks away.

It's not all bad. Some mobs are helpful (like the ones you spawn yourself e.g. Iron and Snow Golems) and some can be tamed (like horses and ocelots).

But anyway, back to hostile mobs. Create these weapons to get rid of 'em, and you never know, some mobs (like Boss mobs) drop useful items when they're killed!

  1. Bow
    Add three sticks and three strings in your crafting area like this:

      Stick String
    Stick   String
      Stick String

    To use the bow, hold right-click to pull back.

  2. Sword
    Add sticks, and then wood planks/cobblestones/iron or gold ingots/diamonds depending on the strength of sword you want (hint: the stronger the better!):


  3. As always, always take shelter at night, always carry your bow and build fences around any building you construct to keep mobs out.

Good luck!


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