1. How To Build Stuff

    Get a crafting table. Xbox 360 users, head over to the Crafting Guide and start the build on the item you want. PC users, you'll need to keep watching kzone.com.au or ask ya mates to shows you the resource combos you need to build stuff.

  2. How To Revive Health

    Health rebuilds once your hunger bar is full, so make sure you eat. Tip: cooked food gives you more hunger credit than raw.

  3. How to Get Resources

    Punch 'em! Approach the resource you want e.g. Diamonds and aim the crosshair over it (in the centre). Hold down the left mouse button on PC or the 'R' button on Xbox 360 so that you repeatedly strike the resource until it cracks and plops out. If you're near enough, you'll automatically collect it. Different tools mine different resources faster, so try a few out to get the hang of it.