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Diamond Armour and a Portal to the Nether

These first two hints happen when you reach the 
Minecraft sign in the sky. They'll take a while, but they're worth it. Get loads of blocks and create a staircase that reaches the Minecraft sign. If you're in Tutorial Mode, look around for a chest and open it - there's diamond armour inside! Even better, if your game is set to 'peaceful', you should be able to find a lever that, when pulled, creates a portal to the Nether.

Sweet, huh?

The Nether - Water

Once you're in the Nether, it can be difficult to stop water from evaporating. This one requires a bit of a sacrifice - hit up Creative Mode and put an ice block on the hot bar. When it melts you'll get water. The downside? In Creative Mode you can't unlock achievements.

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