Hey Patrick!

New Super Mario Bros 2 is awesome.

For Level 1, World 1, bounce on the musical notes to get Star Coin one. For Star Coin 2, use the musical notes again, but this time to bounce up and break the bricks surrounding Star Coin 2 from below.

You probably know this, but make sure you jump up and/or under stacks of bricks (they might contain coins).

You can only get to the third Star Coin by jumping down a green pipe (which will spit you up into the clouds). When you're up there, keep running - you can't miss it!

You'll be pretty close to the flag pole at the end - when you see it use the coloured blocks just before to jump over the tower of goombas in your way.

Game Ninja

Bonus tip: you don't want to miss a coin - when you've got 1,000,000 you can unlock a new title screen with a golden Mario statue!

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