Unless you know every inch of the Pikmin 3 game world, you might miss any of the ten secret memos hidden way of the main paths of the game. Each memo has clues for codes that unlock Pikmin character videos on Wii U!

What's the point of cheats unless they make your life easier, right? K-Zone's sourced the video unlock codes, so now you don't have to hunt through all of the Pikmin-verse!


Enter these codes using the Wii U browser on Miiverse:

  • 0934550498 - In the Garden
  • 8554536398 - In the Wilds
  • 1396339547 - In the Tundra
  • 4236786831 - At the River
  • 1734517538 - At the Oak

P.S. these codes may be different depending on your Wii U.