Sonic Lost World gaming cheats to get the Super Sonic character, unlock a hidden world and get loads of extra game lives!

Play As Super Sonic

To get Super Sonic, collect all 140 Red Rings. Of those, you need to get at least 50 rings from one level. Once you've done that, a Chaos Emerald will appear in the top right corner of the screen - tap it to unlock Super Sonic.

Keep in mind, there are 5 Red Rings in each game zone, and some of them are pretty well hidden! 

Find A Hidden World

Want more Sonic? Finish the first 7 worlds in the game and you'll unlock a sneaky hidden world (AKA 4 more zones!).

Get Loads Of Lives

This one takes a bit of time. When you're in the second zone in Desert Ruins, pass the final checkpoint and look for a beehive with 3 openings. The bottom opening contains 4 lives! Get beaten so you can start again from the checkpoint and repeat the beehive process. For every life you're losing, you're getting 3 more!