Hey combat123!

Still stuck trying to get past Kaos? Try these cheats on for size!

Game Ninja

Level Up!

Go to the final level, then kill all the minions BUT let the Hydra kill you. Go to the level again and you'll find yourself back where you fight Kaos. You can repeat this strategy so you can go up levels quickly.

Get the Gold

Okay, so for this one you need to have played enough to unlock the upgrade fairy. The first time you resume the game, place a hidden treasure item on the Portal of Power, then your Skylander, and then search for the hidden treasure.

Open the chest, then go to the upgrade area to get the treasure to reappear in the same place (doesn't matter if you don't upgrade your Skylander when you're at the fairy). You can do this as many times as you need, but like anything, save loads in case the game fails.

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