Hey Jack

Here are the Mario Kart 7 character unlockables! Did you mean Metal Mario instead of Silver Mario?

Check out how to unlock him and 8 other Mario Kart dudes.

Game Ninja

  • Win in the Mushroom Cup 150cc to get Daisy
  • Win in the Lightning Cup 150cc for Lakitu
  • For Metal Mario, come first in the Special Cup 150cc
  • Finish all the cups on any cc to get Mii
  • For the Queen Bee, come first in the Banana Cup 150cc
  • Win the Star Cup 150cc for Rosalina
  • Come out of your shell! Win the Shell Cup 150cc for Shy Guy
  • Win the Flower Cup 150cc for Wario
  • Come first in the Leaf Cup 150cc for Wiggler

Bonus tip: Get 20,000 coins to unlock the Gold Standard Kart!