In the September issue of K-Zone, we talk about the future of Minecraft: Story Mode and what might be coming up in future episodes. But before you dive into that, rebuild your memories of Episodes 1–6! And go!



Episode 1: The Order of the Stone
: Wannabe builder Jesse and friends enter the Endercon building competition, then sneaky Ivor unleashes a terrifying Wither Storm.

Episode 2: Assembly Required
: Either sneak your way through Redstonia with Petra to find Ellegaard, or beat (and recruit) Magnus without Axel’s help to become the King of Boomtown.

Episode 3: The Last Place You Look
: Another run-in with troublemaker Ivor, and a tough team sacrifice occur in the lead up to scoring the super powerful Formidi-Bomb.


Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place
: The Formidi-Bomb failed. The Wither Storm’s back! A foe becomes a friend, and the shady history of the Order of the Stone is revealed.

Episode 5: Order Up!:
Old enemies return to harass the all-new Order of the Stone when Jesse and team stumble across an unlimited power source on their way to Sky City.


Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery
: This episode feels like a completely different game. Well, almost. It’s a head-scratching ‘whodunit’ as Jesse and pals end up in a spooky mansion where the mysterious White Pumpkin is eliminating famous Minecrafters.

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