One of the most dangerous aspects of the Nether is the enemies you might come across, who all have their own strange quirks. But it’s important to know how to fight them, because some of the most valuable items in the Nether are drops from these foes.

Zombie Pigmen Minecraft
Zombie Pigmen

These enemies are pretty passive normally, but attack them and they’ll all run over, so be prepared!

Magma Cubes Minecraft
Magma Cubes

Magma Cubes jump around, which makes them tricky to track, so be careful! They drop magma cream, which can be used as a brewing ingredient in potions.

Ghasts Minecraft Mobs

These ghostly foes can and will shoot explosive fireballs at you. Shoot them from far away and deflect the fireballs with a bow. If you gain the trust of Zombie Pigmen, they’ll also warn you of incoming attack by growling.

Blaze - mob found in the Nether

Blazes are the hardest but most useful enemies to kill. Beat them with snowballs or shoot with a bow from a distance, and they might just drop a blaze rod!

Wither Skeletons Minecraft Mobs
Wither Skeletons

These skeletons fight with a stone sword and can pick up dropped weapons or armour.

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