Microsoft is releasing Windows 10, their new operating system, on July 29, and along with it they’re also going to release a brand new version of Minecraft, called Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.


The new version will have some cool new features, including:


  • Local multiplayer with up to seven friends
  • Multiple control schemes – you can easily switch between controller, keyboard or touch!
  • You can record and share whatever you like in-game with built-in GameDVR


If that’s not awesome enough for you, wait ‘til you hear this. If you’ve already got the PC version of Minecraft, you can download it for free! And for those who don’t, you can download it at the discounted price of $10 in the beta period.


Future updates of this Minecraft version will all be free too! Yippee!


Get the new version from July 29 in the Windows 10 store.


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