1. Ben 10: Race Against Time is the first ever live action Ben 10 movie. The toon stars go live with wicked special FX.

2. Graham Phillips stars as Ben Tennyson in Race Against Time. He appeared in Evan Almighty and is a singing and acting star!

3. Haley Ramm plays Gwen in Race Against Time. You might have seen her before 'cos she starred as a young Jean Gray in X-Men: The Last Stand.

4. Eon is a new evil alien in the Ben 10 universe. The Plumbers stopped him from controlling time, opening up a portal to his home world and invading Earth. But... he's escaped from prison in Race Against Time and is out to destroy all humans. Uh oh...

5. Lee Majors is the live action guy playing Grandpa Max. He's been acting for decades, but got his big break when he was the limo driver for Jim Barnett - the guy who created the World Championship Wrestling TV show.

6. In Race Against Time, Ben and Gwen are back at school - not zooming all over the countryside in the Rust Bucket. Ben's homework is to save Earth!

7. In Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben is all grown up. Well, kinda. He's 15 and hasn't used the Omnitrix for five years. But when Grandpa Max disappears, Ben's gotta go hero - bring it on!!

8. Spidermonkey, Jetray, Brainstorm, Goop and Echo Echo are new Ben 10 aliens. Watch Ben 10: Alien Force to suss their powers.

9. Word is, there will be a sequel to Ben 10: Race Against Time.

10. Greymatter is voiced by a different guy in Race Against Time. Carlos Alazraqui takes over from Richard Steven Horti, who voiced Greymatter for the animated TV show.

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