Minecraft creator Markus Persson and Warner Bros. are being awfully quiet about what’s happening with the upcoming Minecraft movie.


In fact, all we really know is that the planned director, Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) has recently left the project – so the plot could take quite a different turn altogether!


So K-Zone figured that we’d better take matters into our own hands and piece together our own wacky movie theories…

Creeper Minecraft Movie Theories

K-Zone’s Minecraft Movie Theories:

Cassie:  I heard that Minecraft bloggers Stampylongnose and Dan TDM are gonna make guest appearances – as squids!

Erin: I reckon there’s gonna be a massive plot twist – and the main character’s actually going to be a creeper!

Dan: I heard from a source close to a source close to a source close to Kevin Bacon…

  1. Notch will be voicing a character.
  2. Stampylongnose will make a cameo.
  3. The story revolves around a villager who is sucked into the nether and needs to be rescued.
  4. The movie will reveal Endermen are actually villagers who spent too long in the nether.
  5. There will be a part of the movie where the lead character will reach the end of the map/or punch through bedrock into the real world.
  6. There will be multiple universes in the movie, just like there are many different servers and worlds IRL Minecraft.
  7. Will Ferrell is in talks to play Steve and/or the main character.
  8. Herobrine will make an appearance.

Apparently there will be a big competition where fans can enter their best builds and the winner will be featured in the movie!

What do you think the Minecraft movie’s going to include? Comment below!