Hey K-Zoners!

This is the best news of 2013 so far!

So you've all been smashing your Skylanders and Skylanders Giants right? I mean, what else was the summer holidays for? LOL.

The latest news? Start saving your pocket money, because coming soon is... SKYLANDERS SWAP FORCE!

New characters who can do new stuff (jumping, flying, teleporting...), new villains and seriously awesome new graphics.

Sounds pretty standard, right?

Don't worry, there's a twist... well more of a swap actually: you can swap the top and bottom of the new characters to make hundreds of character combinations! And that means you get the best of both of their powers!

Stay tuned to kzone.com.au and make sure you get the next mag for all the Skylander stats as soon as they come out.


K-Z Super Intern

PS Looking for a sneak peak? Check out these screenshots!

Skylanders Swap Force - Magna Buckler

Skylanders Swap Force - Count Down

Skylanders Swap Force - Blast Zone