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Minecraft has been very popular for over four years now, but how did it all start in the first place?


  1. In May 2009, the game Infiniminer was released. Markus Persson (Notch) liked this game so much he made a clone of it, which was then called “Cave Game”.

    Minecraft History: Infiniminer
    Minecraft History - Infiniminer

    Minecraft History - Cave Game
    Minecraft History - Cave Game

  2. Shortly after the first version it Notch decided to name it Minecraft: Order of the Stone, later again shortened to just Minecraft.
  3. On the first day of June 2009, Notch added multiplayer to the game. This multiplayer only had a limited map, no survival, no mobs, only the player and fourteen blocks to play with! Shortly after this release, the forums and wiki were created by the community, which grew bigger each day.

    Minecraft History - Classic Minecraft

  4. Survival-mode shortly followed in August 2009, although only for single player. Multiplayer survival, however, didn’t appear until a year later!
  5. In December 2009, Minecraft went into the 'indev' phase. This version was very experimental and updated very frequently. It is also the first and only version that has objects that weren’t made out of blocks! The version introduced the mob Rana, a girl dressed up as a frog. She moved without animation and was the first mob to make human sounds. However, Rana was removed after a few updates.

    Minecraft History - Rana
    Minecraft History - Rana 

  6. In December 2010 Notch and his company Mojang launched Minecraft into the beta testing phase and kept refining and making changes to the game.
  7. It wasn’t until 18 November 2011 that Minecraft was finally considered out of beta. This was celebrated at the Minecon 2011 convention, in Las Vegas, in the United States of America. This convention was repeated in 2012, in Disneyland Paris, to celebrate redstone updates.
  8. Minecraft continues to receive updates every month with no end in sight. Let’s hope the upcoming years will be just as exciting as the past few!