Okay, so even though the graphics in SimCity are heaps better thanMinecraft, it's actually waaay older. 

Back in the day you could create cray cray civilisations and try to keep 'em safe from riots, cyclones, floods and fires (all the while trying to balance your budgets and score sweet bonuses).

The latest SimCity came out a few weeks ago, and gamers loved it so much they 
crashed the server trying to DL it before their mates. Check out the new K-Zone (out on Monday 29 April 2013!) for the full review and some sick sandbox mode cheats.

SimCity - Fire!

Minecraft has been around since 2009. The graphics are blocky and pixelly, but you can build pretty much EVERYTHING in your Minecrafty world.

In SimCity you're pretty much stuck with whatever the game designers have included, in Mincraft, if you can't find what you need, you can just make it. There's loads of lessons out there for how to create 
mega-objects - some keen-bean even recreated the Starship Enterprise!


So it comes down to this: graphics versus gameplay.

What are you guys spending ya pocket-money on?

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