If ya haven't heard of Skylander Swap Force yet, def come out from under that rock, cos it's here and it's AWESOME! 

To save you from ultimate noob notoriety, grab a copy of the Skylanders Swap Force Players Launch Guide from newsagents or online! It's only $4.95, and totally worth ya pocket pennies.

Suss the new Skylanders, find out why they're itching to switch (or swap!), work out the best combos and score 16 collector cards - all before your mates. Once you're done with this master mag, there'll be rumours that you're really the Game Ninja!

This is a collector's edish with two massive pull-out posters, behind-the-scenes secrets and more - for serious Skylanders fans!

Buy Skylanders Swap Force Players Launch Guide online or at your local newsagent.