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Get K-Zone Showbags Delivered: Toys, Cards, Collectables, Mags and More!

Get K-Zone Showbags Delivered: Toys, Cards, Collectables, Mags and More!

Did you know you can buy an epic K-Zone Showbag online, and get it sent to your door? How cool is that! Don't miss out on the perfect package of K-Zone and collectables!

Want to grab an awesome K-Zone Showbag? You can buy it here!

The K-Zone Showbag includes: 

  • 1x K-Zone magazine
  • 1x K-Zone Duffle Bag (choice of colours)
  • 1x Bakugan Battle Brawlers Ball Single Pack Assorted
  • 1x Dreamworks Dragon Mystery Blind Pack
  • 1x Crayola Erasable Highlighters 6pk
  • 1x Texta Nylorite Colouring Pens Assorted 36pk
  • 1x Maped Pulse Coloured Pencils 12pk
  • 1x ColourHide Highlighter
  • 1x Ooshies Disney Car Blind Pack
  • 1x Transformer Collector Cards x 4
  • 3x TOPPS Match Attax Trading Cards Pack
  • 2x Welch's Fruit Snacks
  • 2x TOXIC WASTE Nuclear Sludge Bar Sour Apple Flavour Chew

All this normally costs $92.53, but it can be yours for $20.00!

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