Prank-Star Prank of the Month

Prank the archaeologists of the future! Gather some animal bones, bits of junk and random stuff. Dig a hole in your backyard and assemble the stuff into the shape of a weird animal. Let it sit for 10,000 years (give or take), until some puzzled future dude excavates it and resurrects your pranking genius.

Pranks of the Past

What’s the oldest trick in the book, literally? About 4000 years ago (AKA totes old) Babylonian king, Hammurabi, was (among other things) famous for being an epic prankster. Word is he invented the ‘shoulder tap’, where you stand on someone’s side and tap his/her opposite shoulder to hilarious effect. What a legend!

Parental Pranks

Surely nostrils were put on our faces for fingers in search of epic snot, weren’t they? Since the dawn of time, however, parents have pulled the porky: “If you pick your nose your brain will fall out.” Pick with confidence, K-Zoners. As long as your skull is intact, your brain will stay where it is.

Toga Trouble

Looking to make mischief in ancient Rome? Throw some red socks into the white wash. They’ll dye your dad’s toga pink, perfect for matching the colour of his face when he fronts up at the forum dressed like Barbie!

Dino dinner

Mix a big pile of mud with leftover bones from last night’s sabre-tooth tiger barbecue and sculpt it into the shape of a ginormous poo. Start acting freaked out and convince your fam that there’s a T-Rex stalking you. They’ll freak! Warning: may result in confined in the cave for days = not fun in the year 100,000 BC (before consoles).


Ancient Egyptian K-Zoners, you live in a pranking goldmine thanks to the hilarious haps in hieroglyphs (as in the picture-writing on pyramids, yo). Our fave fixes: a monobrow on your great-grandmother, farts coming out of the pharaoh’s pants, silly glasses on the Eye of Horus. Be creative!

K-Zoner Prank

If your bro or sis is a deep sleeper, then the pranking possibilities are endless. A classic among crafty cave-dwellers is to put something messy in their hand, like mud, and then tickle their nose with a feather. When they swat the feather they’ll get mud all over their face!
- Ricky, Paleolithic age

Disclaimer: Pranks have a nasty habit of going wrong, so be careful when you try to pull 'em off, and don't blame us when you get grounded for a month. Don't try to recreate any of the Shame Files at home, either.