Parental Pranks

This dirty lie will hurt heaps!

So you’re at the doctor’s and your dad comes out with one of the biggest lies a parent can tell their kid: this injection isn’t going to hurt. Think about it. That needle is going through your skin and into your flesh. Of course it’s going to hurt!

Pranks of the Past

On-air hilair air

Just ask Anchor Manne: newsreading is a serious and important job (AKA perfect pranking material). Back in 1987, a young employee at the BBC pulled a ripper of a prank when he let off helium in the studio, causing the newsreader’s voice to slowly rise until he sounded like a chipmunk. Though the incident got him sacked, this legendary prankster went on to have a career in comedy.

Prank-Star prank of the Month

Rock on

Here’s a good one to play on your school friends! Put a small rock at the bottom of their bag and each day sneakily add another, and another, and another… Your buddy will wonder why his bag is getting so heavy!

The art of the fart

Whoopee cushions may not work properly in interplanetary colonies due to differences in local gravity and pressure. Try blowing through your hands or into your elbow, or sticking out your tongue slightly and blowing a raspberry instead. No matter what planet you live on, proudly pulling fake farts is a basic K-Zoner right.


Here’s a little stinker sure to cause all kinds of panic. Trick your Mum into thinking you’re bleeding! Put some tomato sauce in your mouth, grab a tissue and sneeze or cough into it. She’ll freak!

Happy birthday to who?

Pick a victim and tell everyone that it’s his or her birthday. They’ll be so confused when they keep hearing ‘happy birthday’… when it isn’t their birthday at all.

K-Zoner Prank

When you’re alone in the lounge room, turn the TV up really loud and then turn it off. The next person that turns on the TV will get a loud shock. The best bit is when they fumble around to turn the volume down.
- Kevin, SA

P.S. Pranks have a nasty habit of going wrong, so be careful when you try to pull 'em off and don't blame us when you end up grounded for a month. Don't try to create any of the Shame Files at home, either!