Smokin’ set-up

The unsuspecting town of Sitka, Alaska, found itself the butt of a legendary prank back in 1974. Residents awoke on a clear morning to see their local (long-extinct) volcano with a plume of black smoke rising from its crater. As a freaked out Coast Guard helicopter flew in to check it out, the pilot spotted a pile of burning tyres and the words ‘APRIL FOOL’ spray-painted onto the snow. The date? Yep, April 1.

Prankstar's Prank of the Month! - Feast your eyes

Pranking is a dish best served cold. (That’s how the saying goes, right?) Grab a bunch of googly eyes and glue pairs of them to everything in the fridge so that all the food, bottles, jars, eggs and stuff stare back at whoever opens the door. It’s the perfect mix of freaky and hilarious!

Parental Prank - Pop goes the prank

If you sneeze with your eyes open they’ll pop out of your head, right? Next time your oldies try to pull that one on you, give ’em a basic lesson in anatomy. There aren’t any muscles behind the eye to make them go boing, and even if there were your eyelids are too weak to stop a projectile eyeball. Another parental prank busted.

Milk of human sneakiness

Sometimes the most effective pranks are the simplest. This old favourite ticks all the boxes: quick, easy and totally gross. Put a few drops of green or blue food colouring a carton of milk. You can’t go wrong.

Condiment caper

Confirm your rep as a right little stinker with this dental hygiene-related horror. Use a squeezy bottle of sauce or mustard to fill up a half-used tube of toothpaste. Next person to brush will find themselves with a mischief-flavoured mouthful. (Warning: this prank carries a high risk of being grounded.)

The ole switcheroo

If your bro won’t let you play his PS3, get him back big-time with this twist on a classic. Grab his games and switch all the discs into different cases. Even better, replace them with something really embarrassing like the Justin Bieber tour DVD. He’ll go mental trying to find the one he wants to play!

K-Zoner Prank

Wanna prank that really ‘pops’? Put a layer of bubble wrap under the toilet seat. When someone sits down they’ll think they broke it big-time! Haha!
- Alex, NSW