Prank-Star Prank of the Month

Guard of… huh?

When you’re out and about with your class or team, form a guard of honour for an unsuspecting member of the public. Like when a random cyclist sails past, start cheering and clapping like they’re about to win an Olympic medal. They’ll be freaked – but in a funny way!

Parental Pranks

Fruity untruth

You’re mid-way through guzzling a big slice of watermelon when your dad pipes up: “Swallow those seeds and they’ll grow in your insides!” For any K-Zoners wondering whether to believe this suss assertion, the good (and bad) news is that you’ve been parentally pranked. If seeds aren’t destroyed in your digestion, they make an exit out the other end!

Pranks of the Past

Team Scheme

Sports events are a golden opportunity for pranking in a pack. At one legendary football game between US universities Harvard and Yale, a bunch of Yale students disguised as the Harvard pep squad handed out flip cards to the opposition supporters. When raised, instead of spelling out GO HARVARD as promised, they actually spelled out WE SUCK, making for some crimson faces in the crowd!

K-Zoner Prank

Here’s a ‘stinker’ of a prank when you’re bored at school. When your teacher goes to sit down at her desk, blow a big raspberry and it will sound like she farted big-time. Then yell out, “That was a wet one miss. I hope you didn’t poo your pants!” The whole class will crack up!
- Blake, NSW

Sport rort

Looking for new and sneaky ways to torture your dad? If he gets the weekend newspaper, replace the sports pages with some you’ve saved from last weekend’s edition. He’ll go mental!

Havin’ a ball

Step 1: get an accomplice to hold a large piece of cardboard in front of an open kitchen cabinet, with a little gap at the top.

Step 2: pour heaps of ping-pong balls through the gap and fill up the cabinet. The cardboard stops them falling out.

Step 3: close the cabinet door and remove the cardboard at the last minute. When your unsuspecting victim opens it they’ll be showered with balls!

Party popper

Here’s a cake your party guests will get a ‘bang’ out of! Enlist your mum as co-prankster, and grab a partially-inflated balloon, plate, icing, tape and sprinkles. Tape the balloon to the plate so it’s a mound shape, then cover it with icing and sprinkles to look like a cake. When the time comes to cut it, plunge in the knife and… you can guess the rest!