Go to the school loos and write some messages on the toilet roll like ‘Nice underwear’, ‘You are being watched’, ‘Man, that stinks!’ and other weird toilet-related stuff. Then kick back and let the good times roll!
- Dhyaan, WA

Sale scam

Stick a ‘for sale’ sign in the window of your family car, with a cheap price (like $1000, which is actually super-cheap for a car) and your dad’s mobile phone number. He’ll get heaps of calls but will have absolutely no clue what people are talking about.

Mad pops

There’s nothing like a good door prank, and this one has a real ‘bang’ to it. Tape some balloons to the wall behind a door, and then blu-tack some pins on the back of the door. Close it and call your victim. You know what happens next… Mwahahahahaha!

‘Water’ you doing?

Fill up a water bottle and tighten the lid firmly. Then use a thumb tack to poke lots of little holes in the bottle, trying not to squeeze it if possible. Dry off any drips then ask a ‘strong’ person to open it for you – they’ll either spray water out the holes when they squeeze it, or the whole lot will shower down when they remove the lid! Classic.


Sauce source

Next time you’re eating fast food and your friend/sibling goes to the loo, it’s basically an invitation to booby-trap their beverage! Pull the straw out of their drink and stick its end into a packet of tomato sauce. Lower the rig back into the drink, and your mate’s next swig will be sauce!


Olympic flunk

Back in 1956, Melbourne was all set to sport the Olympics. When the torch relay made it to Sydney, a runner appeared, ran up the Town Hall steps and handed a flaming torch to the mayor. Turns out that it was a fake made from a chair leg, tin can and a pair of flaming underpants! The real runner appeared soon after. Awkward!


Plughole of doom

Does that gurgling vortex make every bathtime a near-death experience? Listen up, K-Zoners, if your oldies tell you that you’ll be sucked down the plughole, then you’ve been totally pranked!